∞.link(inf.link) is a personal blog belonging to Kevin Li, set up to record my life experience and computer skills. Now I am currently at first year of bachelor’s degree.

This website is based on the open-source theme named Ayer. I removed the built-in tracker.

Language switching notice: At some pages which are supposed to be visited by multilingual audiences, I am using English to write. At others, Chinese is used to help more domestic to comprehend.

Skills(Not familiar so much.)

  • Python(LinkedIn Skill Verified)
  • C(LinkedIn Skill Verified)
  • C++(LinkedIn Skill Verified)
  • Node.js(LinkedIn Skill Verified)
  • Bash(LinkedIn Skill Verified)
  • Git(LinkedIn Skill Verified)
  • PHP(LinkedIn Skill Verified)
  • Machine Learning(Earned AWS Education Cert)
  • Data Mining(Earned AWS Education Cert)

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  • WeChat: GoogleHacker
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